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Paul D. Finch

Welcome to Cory Smith Studios. I've been designing custom jewelry since 1971. From 1988 to 2002, I exhibited my work at art fair venues throughout the Midwest. During that period, I produced and sold hundreds of jewelry pieces. This experience was rewarding and I was recognized with numerous awards. The art fair and exposition circuit also allowed me to establish relationships with many clients that I still do work for today.

I am a GIA (Gemological Institute of America) gemologist. My business is listed with the Jewelers Board of Trade and I'm an active member of Jewelers of America. In addition to jewelry designing and goldsmithing, I do gem faceting, gem carving, gem identification, engraving, and appraisals. I design custom jewelry for clients throughout the United States. As a select retailer of John Dyer gems, I'm also pleased to offer my clients access to the entire custom-faceted inventory of master gemstone cutter, John Dyer.

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About the name Cory Smith Studios

In 1976, I lived on Cory Street in Findlay, Ohio with two other metalsmiths. I came up with the name of Cory Street Metalsmiths Studio. Later, the name was shortened to Cory Smiths Studio. Upon returning to Wisconsin and setting up a studio in Genoa, I changed the name to Cory Smith Studios since the studio housed my workshop, a showroom area, a small area for stained glass designing, and area artist gift items. The Cory Smith Studios name and logo is certified as a trademark by the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office.

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