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Gem ID and grading

Gem ID and Grading

I do diamond and colored stone grading, as well as gem identification in my studio. Many customers appreciate the convenience of having it done while they wait. As part of the process of earning my gemologist certification from the Gemological Institute of America, my coursework included the ability to grade and identify minerals. This assures my customers that they're working with someone who is skilled in assessing quality and value in gemstones. Diamond grading and insurance appraisal pricing is available upon request.

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Gem Carving and Faceting

I incorporate gem faceting and gem carving into my custom design pieces. This allows for design creation beyond what is available through use of standard, commercially cut gemstones.

I learned gem faceting from E. Don Cook of Skitter Gems, Norfolk, Nebraska. I studied gem carving with internationally known, third generation German gem engraver, Ute Klein Bernhardt.

Select Retailer of John Dyer Gems

Cory Smith Studios has been added as one of the few select retailers with access to master gemstone cutter, John Dyer's, entire custom-faceted gem inventory. John Dyer is known for his artistic ability and passion for precision. He has won many AGTA (American Gem Trade Association) cutting awards in the past years. He is the only gem cutter who has swept all awards in one category of AGTA. Even though I have been an accomplished gem faceter for many years, this alliance with John Dyer offers my customers additional opportunities to acquire unique gemstones to incorporate into my custom design pieces. My knowledge as a gem faceter gives me great appreciation of the quality craftsmanship and unique designs of John's work. I'm pleased to offer his entire inventory of gems to my customers. For additional information and design gallery, please visit

Gem carving

Gem faceting
Roughing in flower design in a piece of chrysoprase with high-speed diamond bur.


Close-up of working on tanzanite rough on Ultra-Tec faceting machine.

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